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Iceland , Tuesday 23 January 2018

News Iceland » Thornorlakshofn: Traveller's Guide: Iceland

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Publication date: Friday 25 June 2010

Air Iceland (00 354 570 3030; for ISK8,505 (£43) each way, or sail from Thorlakshofn with Eimskip (00 354 525 7000; for ISK2,660 (£14) each way. The main island, Heimaey, has two volcano cones, the newest of which, 205m-high ...

News Iceland » Thornorlakshofn: Surfing in Iceland

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Publication date: hursday 01 September 2011

By 8pm the four of us are driving out of the city, heading for a point break near the town of Thorlakshofn at the south-eastern base of Reykjanes. People say Iceland resembles the moon but the scenery we pass reminds me of depictions of hell in mediaeval ...

News Iceland » Thornorlakshofn: Franklin County High School grad Vance Hall to play basketball in Iceland pro league

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Publication date: Friday 10 July 2015

That chance came this week. Hall, a 2010 graduate of Franklin County High School, will play professional basketball in Iceland after signing a one-year contract with Thor Thorlakshofn, a member of the Domino’s League, earlier this week. “I’ve been ...

News Iceland » Thornorlakshofn: Plenty more fish in the sea?

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Publication date: Wednesday 15 November 2006

At that time, Magnus Gudmundsson was a 10-year-old schoolboy in the small town of Thorlakshofn on Iceland's south coast. Today, he's the most powerful man in Humber's fishing industry. "Sure, people here have their memories of the Cod War," Gudmundsson ...

News Iceland » Thornorlakshofn: KANSAS SOCCER 2017 MEDIA GUIDE

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Publication date: Saturday 05 October 2013

(Shawnee Mission South HS) . . Sporting Blue Valley 19 . . Eva Elíasdóttir . . . . D . . . . 5-9 . . So. . . . Thorlakshofn, Iceland (Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurlands) . . Selfoss 20 . . Kayla Morrison . . . D . . . . 5-9 . . Sr. . . . Corona, Calif.

News Iceland » Thornorlakshofn: Norfolk surfboarder finds mounds of rubbish on remote beauty spots across the world

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Publication date: onday 23 November 2015

He grew up in Norfolk, not far from the bustling, busy beaches of Great Yarmouth. But Tim Nunn has spent much of his life since exploring the globe’s remotest coastlines – by surfboard. The 41-year-old, who grew up in Ormesby St Michael, has made a ...