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Iceland , Tuesday 23 January 2018

News Iceland » Neskaupstaour: East Iceland offers a dream-like escape in sparsely populated landscape

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Publication date: Friday 06 October 2017

Real life is a lot like that in the tiny town of Neskaupstadur, nestled in the easternmost part of Iceland. The man with the grey hair and the piercing blue eyes I met on a small fishing boat one afternoon is the same man who turned up in the town’s lone ...

News Iceland » Neskaupstaour: Avalanche Hits Iceland Town

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Publication date: Saturday 21 December 1974

Several hundred men from the town of Neskaupstadur were taking part in rescue operations. The search for missing persons was intensified after the survivor had been found in the herring plant. The avalanche was described as the worst in Iceland since 1919.

News Iceland » Neskaupstaour: Finding Fortitude: Head to Iceland’s east coast to explore the spectacular locations in the Arctic thriller

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Publication date: Wednesday 01 February 2017

Iceland was officially neutral during the war ... A one-bedroom apartment with balcony and sea view in Hilibrand Hotel in Neskaupstadur is £113 per night:

News Iceland » Neskaupstaour: Neskaupstadur, Iceland Hourly Weather

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Publication date: onday 08 January 2018

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News Iceland » Neskaupstaour: Revamped Itineraries Highlight the Land of Fire and Ice

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Publication date: Wednesday 05 February 1997

Other highlights of the tour include a trip to the isolated fjords near Iceland's highest bird cliff, in Neskaupstaour, and a cruise on a glacial lagoon. The package is priced from $1,555 per person, double, and departures are scheduled from April 29 ...

News Iceland » Neskaupstaour: After Russian embargo, stormy seas for Iceland's fisheries

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Publication date: Saturday 16 January 2016

In Iceland's small harbours, a Russian embargo on European fish imports isn't just a headache for fishermen -- it's a headache for everyone. "Of course we're worried," says Astvaldur Sigurdsson, a grocer in Neskaupstadur, a town of 1,500 people nestled in ...

News Iceland » Neskaupstaour: Royal Navy Wartime Posting To Iceland

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Publication date: onday 26 December 2005

The man was carrying out some private research into wartime in Iceland and had made contact with my father ... Another time my wife was staying with her sister in Mjoafjordur, near Neskaupstadur, when a German submarine surfaced just a few hundred yards ...

News Iceland » Neskaupstaour: Drawing crowds and making major waves / Popular Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur challenges the status quo in controversial 'The Sea'

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Publication date: Saturday 31 May 2003

As the world shrinks and globalization turns the planet into one vast, franchise-stocked Disneyland, even the remote country of Iceland is threatened by ... "The Sea" is set in Neskaupstadur, a tiny fishing village where Tho'rdur (Gunnar Eyjolfsson ...